Back to the Basics!

Thanksgiving was last week which led me to pack my things and head home. I consider myself a city gal, but that was not always the case. I grew up on a shrimp dock far from civilization. I remember being so stoked when Target was coming into town, which was where my sister and I ended up hanging out at when I was bored. The city has been growing and has shocked me with how many new retailers have decided to come here.

For this post, I wanted to show case what I tend to wear when I head home. Nothing complicated. Rarely do I wear any jewelry or accessories at home. That will probably change as I become a hoarder of them!

_DSC1902 _DSC1921 _DSC1925

Meet the new dog that has wondered upon our property!

I’ve been obsessed with vests lately. They go so perfectly with this Texas winter. Hence, why I chose to wear one that day! I paired it with a quarter length map t-shirt and a light pair of jeans. It was a pretty day so I wanted to keep the color palette light minus the black boots I stole from my mom. Share with me what you wore during the Thanksgiving holidays!

J. Crew Outlet Vest | Urban Outfitters Shirt (Old)

Urban Outfitters Jeans (Old) | Nine West Boots (Old)

Black Friday Sales!


As I was shopping online, I thought I would post the deals I have come across to make it a little easier for you other shoppers. I should’ve shopped around before I made a purchase at the first site I went to…I may add more as I continue to “look around” as the day goes on! This list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

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The Cold & I: A Balance in Progress

_DSC1880 copy _DSC1876 copy

“The cold ears. The way it makes my nose sniffles. The fact that I have to wear pants or suffer. The way I shiver to death when I dress nice to hit up the town. The way I wish to dress up as a eskimo/hobo and hibernate all the time. ” are just a few fragments on why I absolutely can not stand the cold. I mean I chose to live in Texas for a reason – the overbearing heat! Oh, how I love and miss it.

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New Orleans, LA: The City that Keeps Going

Art. So creative.

This past weekend was the celebration of two of my best friends – Tim & Eddie! Of course, we had to do a little something special and have been itching to make a trip to New Orleans. The question of “why not?” could not be answered, so we made it happen. We arrived into NOLA Friday night, so we naturally checked into our hotel, grabbed food at the closest Cajun restaurant , brought a bottle of liquor, and soon started our adventure to Bourbon Street. The night ended up to be quite a wild night to say the least. I just wanted to take some time to highlight some of our explorations.

The first being Harbor Seafood and Bar, which was the closest cajun restaurant by our hotel by the airport. We were starving when we made it to town and certainly glad we were! It was a little hole in the wall that was packed when we had gotten there. We started off with two dozen oysters and the swamp platter – which included fried alligator, frog legs, alligator sausage, and turtle soup. If you hadn’t tried alligator, I highly recommend it! It was so good and comparable to chicken with maybe with a slight tougher texture. The gumbo was just as delicious, but was just a tad bit too salty for my liking.

Bourbon Street, for those who has never been, is a street off of Canal that is full of bars with a variety of drinks. Try the hand grenade! It’s quite something and what the night life are known for.

Mother’s Restaurant is another cajun restaurant downtown that is famous for their ham! This was my second time and was just as happy – well, minus the killer hangover I had. Dang it, hand grenades! They serve breakfast all day as well as lunch items. The crawfish etoufee omelet has yet to disappoint.

Cafe Du Monde is widely known for their delicious beignets. It is located on the french quarter, but you can also grab some from the River Walk Outlets by Harrah’s and the Hilton. The Hilton actually has a walkway directly to it. No need to go outside in the cold! It’s also my little secret because the lines are shorter. My personal favorite is their frozen coffee. I get it every time I go to NOLA and will continue doing so until I can no longer walk!

Frenchmen St. is a few blocks away from Canal St. The scene is where most locals go and has a Jazz Vibe. You can listen to several live local jazz clubs with in a few blocks! It was definitely a more relaxed scene compared to crazy Bourbon. There was also a cute little market where you can purchase local works. You can see it from the pictures above that I have taken! A local has also recommended grabbing a Monsoon drink there! She said it would knock you off your feet. Added it to my to-do list for next time.

Luke Restaurant is a nearby restaurant off of St. Charles. The place is pretty swanky with delicious shrimp and grits. They also proudly boasts about their award winning burger, which I have to say was pretty darn good. It had quite a smokey taste that I enjoyed. They also have 70 cent oysters during happy hour! We ordered 6 dozens, so I’m pretty sure that we approved.

Harrah’s Casino, do I need to say anything else? Have to do a little gambling! Acme Oysters also now has a location in the casino, but has a limited menu!

I have been to New Orleans with my dearest of friends countless times and must say that I have never been disappointed. It is one of my favorite places to take a road trip and bond with friends! Silliness and endless laugher always ensues. You feel the character of the city immediately and many of the people are just some of the nicest people will you will ever meet. If you have never been, I highly recommend it. Let me know how it goes and give me any recommendations if you come across something special! Thanks! :) is the

_DSC1709 _DSC1712 _DSC1721 _DSC1714 _DSC1717 _DSC1719

Business cards had been on my to-do list for who knows how long. I had followed Moo on Facebook about half a year ago when I had seen a sponsored ad that had showed off their customer’s beautifully designed flyers and business cards. “I love these! I am going to get some made.” is what I kept telling myself to each one of their Facebook posts. Then, something of a game changer happened – Square Business Cards! I loved how unique it was. So, this obviously made me more inclined to get it done.

You can create your own or use one of their beautiful templates. I just used one of their templates because they had already made what I wanted – just a hello with a saturated yellow (one of my faves!). I only ordered 50, so eventually I want to make different ones when I get the chance. You can also have multiple designs in a pack to give you some variety to hand out – which I love! I have never seen such a choice from a printing company.

The packaging came in a very classy box as you can see in the pictures above. I opted for the luxe option which gave you a layer between the top and bottom of the card that adds a little color and character to the card. I chose black to keep the design cohesive. I believe the other options were red, green, blue, and white? Not quite sure though. I believe the luxe option also comes with the texture that these cards come in. I am so happy with them! The process was painless and easy through their website. I can not wait to order more! They are a bit pricier than normal. But because of the quality, I highly recommend it!

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Skin Care: Thirst Quenching?


My strong admiration for the Dr. Jart+ brand is no secret. Dr. Jart+ was founded by JinWook Lee and Dr. Jung in South Korea. Together they partnered with 21 other dermatologists and established a brand that is highly sought after internationally. The brand had initially reached astronomical success through its signature BB cream. As I was making my usual rounds at Sephora, I noticed that Dr. Jart+ had released a number of skincare products that I was eager to try. I chose to try a few products from their “Water Infuse” line!

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