Tutus: Wicked Good


Halloween is around the corner with Something Wicked – an EDM music festival in Houston – being this weekend. Per usual, I wondered what I should be and turned to my closet. What did my closet spit out? A hello kitty headband, M&M costume, and some prostitute boots. What the heck am I suppose to do with that? Also, what the heck was I previously! A girl can wonder. Well, I turned to what my creative sister from freelyeccentric.com taught me: Tutus!

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Summertime Sadness



I will be doing posts like these for a while since my sister has stolen my tripod and since the impossible selfless I tried to take with my camera were awkward – I mean hey, no one wants to see up your nose, Alize! Plus, this is easier. And, strangers don’t think I’m just vain. Eh.

But, back to the point – meet my favorite summer dress of this year from American Apparel. I practically wore it everyday – don’t judge me! – since it was so comfortable, easy, and bright! But, since fall is fast approaching, I wondered what to do…

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Taming the Mane Attempt: Drybar Smooth Operatorn Flat Iron

I would just like to start off this post with a big thank you to all of you that had messaged/commented to tell me how much you enjoyed my blog and encouraged me to continue posting! Thank you so much!! I promise I will get off my ass and make you proud.

That being said, I will begin by informing you the death of my last straightener. Silly me thought, “Hey, what’s the worse that could happen?!” as I plugged my straightener into the outlet converter during my stay in Beijing, China. Little did I know, the directions – that I had refused to read – specifically stated “No straighteners or curling irons.” Luckily, there were only a few sparks before my “quick superhuman” reflexes kicked in. Lesson: read the instructions.

After a month or two of unruly hair, I randomly found myself at Sephora looking for a replacement. Of course, I had done no prior research and was attracted to the brightest one with the pretty packaging. I present the Drybar Smooth Operator Flat Iron!

_DSC1595 _DSC1597 _DSC1603

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Pecan Festival Finds: Lindsay Designs

The best part of going to festivals is the little charming finds you happen to stumble upon! I, for one, am drawn to the jewelry vendors and have been left behind by my friends many times because of it! Earlier in the day we grabbed brunch on 6th street and happened to stubble upon the Pecan Festival a block away! Naturally, our legs just started moving towards the music, delicious smelling food, and all of the other fun festivities! My favorite vendor of the day: Lindsay Designs. All of her jewelry is beautifully crafted with glass. Did I mention the colors? Oh my god, all of the colors of her jewelry were vibrant and gorgeous! Unfortunately, I went for something more neutral (but still beautiful!) bracelet since my wardrobe can be described as an exploded rainbow. However, I swore I will come back for more colorful pieces soon enough! I want it all!

Here are some pictures of pieces she has posted on her website!

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.44.44 PM

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Grace & Lace


The other night, as I was cozying up in my bed, I decided to watch some Shark Tank. I may or may not have a little obsession with the show. I mean it only took me 3 days to watch all the seasons….no obsession here, right? Well one of the entrepreneurs that came in was the founders of Grace & Lace! The company is particularly known for its adorable socks that stick out of your boots that was made famous by Pinterest. All of their stuff highlighted on the show was so cute, so I decided to check out their website! I, of course, couldn’t resist to purchase a few things…so I present to you my purchases!

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